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Why to choose GBE

GBE is a special and unique factory here as we offer "win" solution to our customers instead of products only. We are the first factory to launch the below creative products into the market to help our customers to stand out. As a result, all of our customers make good money from such special unique products and keep their customers stick to them better than ever.
1. Bespoke PVC USB (P/N: 05D00, creative idea made in 2008 in GBE)
2. USB disk with micro SD reader 2 in 1 (P/N: 01D18TF, made by GBE in 2011)
3. The first plastic USB pen (P/N: 12D46, patent design made by GBE in 2012)
4. Special webkey and cloud key for MAC and win8 (made by GBE in 2012)
5. OTG USB disk (P/N: P1109/P1111/01C21, made by GBE in 2013)
6. wifi Ultra OTG power bank (P/N: 18H12, creative idea made by GBE in 2014)
7. Bespoke PVC power bank (P/N: 05H00, creative idea made by GBE in 2014)
8. Lightbox power bank (P/N: 18H15, creative idea made by GBE in 2014)